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I Lived To Tell The World:

Stories from Survivors of Holocaust,
Genocide, and the Atrocities of War

By Elizabeth Mehren
Foreword by Timothy Longman, PhD
A co-publication with The Immigrant Story

As Americans increasingly question how each of us fits into our nation’s cultural tapestry, I Lived to Tell the World presents thirteen inspiring profiles of refugees who have settled in Pacific Northwest. They come from Rwanda, Myanmar, Bosnia, Syria, and more—different stories, different conflicts, but similar paths through loss and violence to a new, not always easy life in the United States. The in-depth profiles are drawn from hours of interviews and oral histories; journalist Elizabeth Mehren weaves in historical, cultural, and political context alongside the personal stories. 

Together, these portraits of individual courage and tenacity illuminate broader themes such as human cruelty, political tyranny, and hatred based on race and religion. The stories invite readers to take stock of their own life experiences, and to view newcomers to America with new perspective—and with respect. After all, if these survivors of unthinkable human savagery can emerge with a spirit of hope and dignity, so can the rest of us. At a time when more states are implementing requirements for Holocaust and genocide education and more Americans are paying attention to issues around refugees, immigration, and racial justice, I Lived to Tell the World shines a light on new Americans—perhaps even our own neighbors—living purposeful and productive lives despite their painful pasts.

About The Immigrant Story
Founded in 2017 by Sankar Raman, who immigrated to the US from India, The Immigrant Story is a volunteer-run nonprofit with a mission to promote empathy and advance an inclusive community by sharing stories of immigrants and refugees who often overcame tremendous odds to reach the United States. In addition to its multimedia storytelling site, The Immigrant Story has also launched a podcast, worked on public school curriculum, and organized public exhibits.

Learn more about The Immigrant Story here.

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