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Emmanuel Turaturanye


How is it possible for neighbors to turn upon neighbors? How could the boys in his village with whom he grew up playing street soccer now be pursuing him with machetes? How could some of the parishioners in his father’s own church have slaughtered nearly his entire family? Emmanuel Turaturanye, a Tutsi, had little time to ponder these questions as he fled with his little sister at the start of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. He survived, but the mass killings and the loss of his loved ones left him broken and embittered. But Turaturanye believes he was saved more than once—first, when he survived the genocide, and later, when a voice from on high told him to pull himself together and devote himself to Christ. Turaturanye says he was saved once again when he met a beautiful American missionary in Rwanda named Danielle. Though the events he endured are horrific, Turaturanye says it is imperative for him to speak out. “I lived,” he contends, “in order to tell the world.”

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